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Only generic top-level domain (hereinafter called gTLD domains) are affected from the following policies. On country code domains, also called ccTLDs, these policies do not have any affect.

The following offered top level domains are currently affected by these policies:
.com, .net, org, biz, .info, .name, .asia, .mobi, .tel
Policies for the Renewal and Expiration of a gTLD domain

As an owner and registrant of a gTLD you will receive a notification via email 30 days prior the expiration of your domain. These e-mails include the exact expiration date of your gTLD domain and information about the renewal.

About seven days prior the expiration date, a second notification will be sent out to the registrant’s email address. The content of this second notice is almost the same.

In case the domain has not been renewed, the domain will be cancelled on its expiration date. You will then receive another email at least 4 days after the termination of the respective domain. This email informs you about the deletion of the domain and it also includes further information about a possible restore of the domain.

As a matter of course, the emails 30 and seven days before the expiration date will also be sent if your account has the adequate funds for the renewal and the domain has not been cancelled. In this case we will renew the domain automatically and there are no steps required from your side.
Prices for the renewal of gTLD domains

The fees and the contract period for the renewal of a gTLD domain are absolutely equal to the registration fee for the respective domain. You will find these in our domain pricelist, visiting the following link: ( ).

If the affected domain is an inclusive domain for your Webspace Package, there are no separate fees for the renewal of the domain as long as the webspace package has not been cancelled and your account has the adequate funds.
Prices for the restoration of gTLD domains

Generally a gTLD domain can be restored during a period of 30 days after its deletion. If the restoration of your gTLD domain is possible the fees for reactivation are €95.00 or $250.00 depending on the currency your customer account at AEA3 WEB is denominated in.

If you want us to restore one of your gTLD domains, please get in touch with our support team via the e-mail address
( [email protected] ). We will then check if a restore is possible and inform you about the further steps for the restoration.

– The original language of the text is English, we – AEA3 WEB LTD – are not responsible for damages for misunderstandings resulting from translation errors. –

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Updated on 24.08.2023